Trading rules

While our prices for challenges may not be the lowest, we offer a fair and transparent trading experience. We encourage you to review our trading rules and make your own informed decision about whether our platform is right for you. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our traders and supporting them in any way we can.

Trading rules

2 Phase Challenge

Normal account type

Trading profit in Phase 1 is 10%

Trading profit in Phase 2 is 5%

Max daily drawdown is 5%

Max loss is 10%

Max 10 opened positions

Min 5 trading days in each phase

Max 60 trades per minute


Additional notes

  • You can place orders without SL but it is not recommended
  • Hedging (trading on both sides at the same moment for the same pair) is not allowed
  • Leverage is 1:20
  • Max order size 50% of initial deposit
  • Trading is allowed 24/7 including news trading
  • Algorithmic trading is welcomed
  • We offer direct access to cryptocurrency exchanges, without the need for a middleman
  • All parameters mentioned here are applied for Normal account type. We also offer Aggressive account which has all these metrics doubled and leverage is 1:100.

We accept fiat or crypto payments

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