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What is the reputation of Cryptofundia?

Established in 2023, we are the pioneering crypto-focused prop trading firm. Recognizing reputation’s importance in this industry, we encourage you to conduct thorough due diligence, including reviewing Cryptofundia’s ratings on esteemed platforms like TrustPilot.

What is Cryptofundia about?

Cryptofundia is a unique opportunity for experienced or novice traders to showcase their skills and potentially earn significant rewards. Our rigorous two-step Evaluation Process, comprising Cryptofundia Challenge Phases 1 and 2, ensures we select the most qualified individuals. Successful applicants gain access to an exclusive Cryptofundia Account, enabling them to keep up to 80% of their trading profits. Recognizing the demanding nature of trading, we provide comprehensive educational resources, account analyses, and dedicated performance coaches to empower our clients’ success.

What is your office location and contact details?

Our central office is situated in the vibrant heart of Europe, conveniently nestled within Prague’s historic center. Reach us at Příčná 1892/4, Praha, 110 00, Czech Republic.

Alternatively, feel free to connect with us via our contact form, email, 24/7 Live Chat, or direct phone call – all contact details can be found in our contact section.

Am I eligible to join Cryptofundia?

Cryptofundia welcomes traders from around the globe, with a few exceptions: Iran, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, sanctioned individuals, those with financial crime or terrorism records, individuals previously banned for contract breach, and legal entities structured as company trusts.

Additionally, due to regulatory changes and risk management considerations, Cryptofundia does not accept clients residing in Russia, Belarus, India or Indonesia. This restriction applies solely to residents of these countries and does not extend to Russian/Belarusian/Indian/Indonesian citizens residing abroad who can provide proof of address.

To join Cryptofundia, you must be at least 18 years old and demonstrate a proven ability to trade profitably while implementing sound risk management strategies.

We seek traders who are passionate about the cryptocurrency market and possess the skills and experience to navigate its complexities successfully.

What are the steps to become an Cryptofundia Trader?

Aspiring Cryptofundia Traders must successfully navigate our rigorous two-step Evaluation Process to prove their trading prowess.

Challenge Phase 1:

  • Hone your skills with a demo account equipped with simulated funds.
  • Adhere to our Trading Objectives and leverage exceptional account conditions, including minimal commissions and spreads.
  • Demonstrate your ability to meet all requirements to advance to the final evaluation stage.

Challenge Phase 2:

  • Undergo a final performance assessment using a demo account with simulated funds.
  • Achieve consistent results while navigating simplified rules.
  • For detailed rules and expectations, please visit our Trading Objectives section.

Upon successfully completing the Verification stage, you may be eligible to join the ranks of Cryptofundia Traders, subject to a thorough review of your trading performance. To finalize your Cryptofundia Account Agreement, you will be required to provide valid identification documents (passport or national ID card) and complete the verification process. Please note that the conclusion of the contract is contingent upon the successful completion of identification procedures in accordance with Cryptofundia’s internal policies.

Cryptofundia reserves the right to terminate any Cryptodundia Account Agreement if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Residency in/from the specified countries listed here.
  • Inclusion on sanction lists.
  • Criminal records related to financial crime or terrorism.
  • Age below 18 years.
  • Company trust structure.
  • Previous breach of Cryptofundia contractual requirements.

Please note that past trading records are not considered during the evaluation process. Your skills and performance in the Evaluation Process will determine your eligibility to become a Cryptofundia Trader.

What are the next steps after passing the Cryptofundia Challenge Phase 1?

Upon successfully fulfilling all Trading Objectives within your Cryptofundia Challenge, you will receive an in-app notification informing you of your achievement. As your Trading Objectives have been marked as passed, you no longer need to actively trade this account. Our system will automatically detect your successful completion of the Cryptofundia Challenge, prompting us to evaluate your trading results accordingly.

Within approximately 1-2 business days, you will receive new account login credentials specifically for the Challenge Phase 2 stage.

What are the next steps after passing the Cryptofundia Challenge Phase 2?

You’ve conquered Cryptofundia’s Challenge Phases! Let’s finalize the KYC process and paperwork to activate your Cryptofundia Trader account, where you can share up to 80% of your profits with us.

Can I trade news?


And don’t worry about closing your positions overnight – you won’t be charged significant swaps or penalized for holding positions over the weekend. In the world of crypto, you can trade 24/7 with low fees and minimal funding fees for positions held longer than 8 hours.

What trading instruments and strategies are available on Cryptofundia?

Cryptofundia Trading Freedom: Your Style, Your Way

At Cryptofundia, we believe that you should have the freedom to trade in your own unique style, as long as it is legitimate, compliant with real market conditions, and does not involve any prohibited practices. We support all trading strategies, including discretionary and algorithmic trading.

When trading, please keep in mind that your strategy should be replicable on live accounts to achieve the same results as on your Cryptofundia Account. We do not require you to use stop-loss orders (although we generally recommend using some safety measures), and the maximum single order volume is 50% of your initial capital. You are free to trade all instruments and assets available on your trading platform.

Please note that our platform servers have a daily limitation of 10 max positions (pairs), with no order number limitation. Additionally, the server has a limited capacity to accept messages (orders, order modifications, TP/SL updates, and limit order updates). If your trading causes excessive activity on a platform server, we may notify you and ask you to adjust your trading strategy.

We caution against practices that do not resemble serious trading. If we detect intentional activities or a modus operandi being repeated across multiple accounts, we reserve the right to take necessary actions to mitigate risk. This may include removing conflicting positions, rebalancing accounts, reducing leverage, or even terminating accounts and terminating our relationship altogether.

What are the steps to withdraw my profits from Cryptofundia?

How Cryptofundia Traders Get Paid

Cryptofundia Traders trade with simulated capital, but they can earn real money rewards if they generate profits. To receive a reward, traders must prove their skills and the value of the data provided by demonstrating their ability to trade the simulated capital profitably.

Cryptofundia splits profits on a monthly basis by default, but traders can also request payouts on demand after 14 calendar days from their first trade. Payouts are processed within 1-2 business days of invoice confirmation and can be received via regular bank wire transfer or cryptocurrency. There are no withdrawal fees, but bank transfers are not available for payments/payouts in Ukraine, Venezuela, Cuba, or Sudan due to regulatory reasons.

Traders can withdraw their profit split regardless of the amount, as long as it covers the transaction fees. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

Traders can choose to keep their profit split on account to grow their balance and drawdown buffer, but the 20% split will always be deducted at the end of the month.

TL;DR: Cryptofundia Traders trade with simulated capital, but they can earn real money rewards by generating profits. Payouts are processed within 1-2 business days and can be received via regular bank wire transfer or cryptocurrency. There is no minimum profit requirement, but traders must generate enough profit to cover the transaction fees.

How many Cryptofundia accounts can I open?

Cryptofundia Challenge: Unlimited Accounts, Limited Capital

You can create as many Cryptofundia Challenge accounts as you want, but your total capital allocation as a Cryptofundia Trader is limited to $500,000 per trader or strategy at any given time.

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